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Michigan Inspired Tea

I often get asked "why Michigan?" As in, why Michigan themed or inspired teas. Well, it kind-of happened by accident. When I started S•TEA•P in 2019, all our teas had traditional tea names. Some of you may remember Leopard Blend, Iron Goddess of Mercy, or even Congou Rose.

So, what happened? It was 2020, I'd just "re-started" S•TEA•P after a 6 month "COVID break." Still not able to attend in person farmers markets, I shifted to building wholesale relationships. One of our first retail partners was in Lansing. I thought it would be fun to create a couple of Michigan themed teas geared to that market. The concept fit with the retail partner's focus on local products. Thus, Capital Cherry and Green & White came to be.

Coming up with the names and the teas was fun, so I did a few more... and a few more... I couldn't seem to stop. It was fun. Plus, for me, there was something more enjoyable about brewing and drinking a cup of Picturesque Peninsula, rather than Leopard Blend - even if it was the exact same tea. And others seem to agree!

So, why Michigan themed? Because it makes people feel good.

Happy STEAPing,


Map of Michigan


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