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Michigan Tea


Thank you  for visiting our site and wanting to learn more about S•TEA•P - Specialty Tea Products. 

S•TEA•P is a home based business in Ypsilanti, MI. Women owned and operated, we are proud to be family run. Our tea is hand-packaged in a commercial kitchen and available for purchase through our online shop, from various retail partners throughout the state of Michigan, and at the occasional farmers market or craft fair. 


At S•TEA•P, we make brewing and drinking loose leaf tea more approachable and less mysterious through encouraging experimentation, providing education, and creating community.


Tea drinking is a personal and individual experience. One of our founding principles is that each cup of tea is as unique as the individual who drinks it. Tea can (and should) be modified to individual tastes. It can be be made stronger or weaker, hot or cold, sweetened or drank with milk.

The industry standards for tea brewing and drinking are suggestions on achieving the optimal cup. These suggestions should be viewed as a road map - a place to start rather than the destination. In reality, there is no wrong way to drink tea as long as you are drinking it how you like it. Our role is to provide you with the information you need in order craft your tea journey and find your perfect cup.  

Our tea's draw upon familiar names and flavors that evoke fond memories and promote relaxation and reflection. By simply brewing a cup of our tea, people will be mentally transported to their favorite places in time, recollect their favorite Michigan Memories, and dream of new ones yet to be made.

Thanks for joining us as we experience Michigan, one cup at a time.

True Blue Tea
Samantha & Georgiana

Owner & Operator,

Samantha Musil

I started S•TEA•P to share my passion for tea with others.


What I love about tea is that it transcends time and place. The tea we drink today is essentially the same product that people have been drinking for 1,000's of years. It's timeless. And has the ability to connect people and places like few other things in the world do.

Happy STEAPing.

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