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"April showers bring May flowers"

Many of you may be familiar with the saying "April showers bring May flowers."

But what does it mean?

The obvious and literal meaning is that the abundance of rain during the month of April will lead to an abundance of flowers in the month of May. The saying originates from a poem written by Englishman Thomas Tusser in the 1500's. Since Michigan is at a latitude closer to that of England than some of our southern counterparts, the saying rings as much literal truth for us Michiganders as it does for Brits.

"April showers bring May flowers" also has several secondary, more figurative meanings. The saying alludes that unpleasant things (like rain) can bring about pleasant things (like flowers). Similar to "every cloud has a silver lining."

It may also be a reminder in patience, or at the very least delaying today's gratification for tomorrow's even better reward. Similar to "good things come to those who wait." By patiently enduring the grey skies and dampness of April, you will find yourself taking in the sights and smells of May.

Rain, however isn't the only adverse precipitation that plagues us Michiganders in April. It is not uncommon to experience an April snowfall. According to Current Record weather and science facts, the average snowfall for southwest Michigan and the "thumb" ranges from 1 to 2 inches. Though it's likely not enough snow to have much of an effect on those May flowers, it certainly puts a damper on spring spirits.

So, my fellow Michiganders, hang in there! Even if a little snow falls this month, look for that sliver lining and May flowers.

Happy STEAPing,



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