Inspired by the great state of Michigan, Northern Lights is an herbal blend as unique as . . . the Northern Lights.   


Northern Lights is an amethyst infusion of fruity deliciousness. Served hot, it is a comforting cup of bliss. Served iced, it is sweet and refreshing.  An aurora borealis for your mouth!  


Experiment by adding your favorite sweetener to balance the tart flavor of the Hibiscus and Rose Hips.  



S•TEA•Ping Suggestions:

Use 1 heaping teaspoon (2-3 grams) per 8 oz cool water.  Cover, and steep in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours.  Strain and enjoy!  Once prepared, the iced tea will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks.  


As with any tea, if you are making in into an iced tea or latte, we recommend that you brew it strong, as the flavor will become diluted by the milk.


To brew hot use 1 heaping teaspoon (2-3 grams) per 8 oz. water, 200-210 F.  Steep for 4-6 minutes.



Northern Lights

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