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Named for the allure of Michigan's fall season, Autumn Allure is.... mysteriously attractive.

Produced in Anxi, Fujian province (China), this rolled Oolong is the result of a three year experiment to create a new and unique huang jin gui. Great detail is given to all aspects of production. Weather conditions are closely monitored from growth through harvest, to processing to ensure conditions are ideal for each step of prduction. Tea leaves are lightly oxidized and roasted at a higer than usual temperature.

The brewed cup is mildly roasty, smooth, and full bodied. Its floral profile is remenicent of osmanthus.

This tea tolerates multiple infusions. Also ideal for Gaiwam brewing.



S•TEA•Ping Suggestions:
Use 2 teaspoons of tea leaves (2-3 grams) per 8 oz. of water, 190 - 200 F. Steep for 3-5 minutes.

Gaiwan (Traditional Steeping)

Use 4 teaspoons of tea leaves (6 grams) per 6 oz. of water, 200 F. Rinse leaves for 5 sec. Steep for 20 seconds, extending steeping time for each subsequent infusion. 

Autumn Allure

PriceFrom $9.00
  • Oolong tea leaves.

  • Contains caffeine.

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