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Giving the Gift of Tea

In my humble opinion tea makes a great gift. It's something intended to be used, literally consumable, yet has a long shelf life. It's comparatively inexpensive yet can be combined with other items - such as tea wear - to make a more substantial gift. Not to mention the plethora of flavors, giftable tins, and fun names!

For me, the best part of vending at markets and craft shows is helping people to find a new tea - for themselves, or to give as a gift. In both situations the questions I ask about the individual and their tea drinking habits are very similar. It's all about narrowing down the options by meeting the individuals unique goals and objectives.

If you're considering giving the gift of tea this holiday season, here are a few things to consider:

Does the gift recipient drink/like tea?

Do they use loose leaf? Or have they expressed interest in using loose leaf?

Do they drink all tea types? Or only certain tea types?

What flavors do they like?

Are they adventurous tea drinkers? Open to new flavors and teas?

Do they have any food allergies? Or other health related restrictions that may affect drinking tea?

Would they prefer teaware over tea? Or visa-versa?

Finally, I ask them to consider the names of the tea. Is there a name the gift recipient would connect with? Maybe even a connection they share?

It's always a good feeling when someone walks away with that perfect gift.

Happy STEAPing,



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