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Find your Brewing Style

The variety of brewing methods can be overwhelming for new and veteran tea drinkers alike. Personally, I like to change my brewing method based on my mood, what tea I'm preparing, and my purpose for making it. Brewing loose tea can be as simple or complex as you like. What's most important is to brew according to your personal needs and style.

Here are a few of my "go to" brewing methods.

Infuser basket

I use the Finum brand infuser baskets in my choice of mug. This is probably my favorite brewing method for single cups. Which is what I drink most often! I start my morning with a cup of Ypsi.Land.Tea brewed in this way. I tend to use this brewing method for teas I wouldn't re-steep, like black or flavored teas, or when I don't plan to re-steep. You certainly could use this method to re-steep, I usually don't becuase there are other methods I prefer to use if I plan to re-steep leaves. I also use this method when I'm serving guests who want different teas. Using an infuser basket is a quick and easy way to make individual cups.

Individual tea pot

I have a small teapot paired with a teacup. I use this when I'm feeling more mindful and intentional about my tea drinking. This might be something I use in the afternoon when I want a to make myself a little "tea time" and have tea and a snack. The pot is 8oz. and is very handy for re-steeping. I usually drink green, white, or oolong in the afternoon, so if I want another cup (as I often to) I can easily re-steep the leaves. I've also been known to use the teapot to steep and re-steep, pouring both servings into a 16oz travel mug!


I use Gaiwan brewing for a different form of indulgence. This is my preferred brewing method for enjoying the same tea all day. I'll use this brewing method with an oolong, yellow, or white tea. My favorites to use for this are the Michigander Milk Oolong and The Cube. I've been more into using the individual teapot because it is a bit easier, but every once and a while, I get out the Gaiwan and brush off my skills. It's one of those tools that becomes easier to use with use, and even I find myself getting a little rusty if I don't do it for a few months.

I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit about my tea drinking habits. Maybe this gives you some ideas on things you want to try. Just remember, there's no right or wrong way to brew, as long as you enjoy the finished product!

Happy STEAPing,


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