White Tip Oolong, also know as Oriental Beauty, is a rare, bug-bitten tea.


In the summer, an insect called the Jacobiasca formosana appears in Taiwan's tea plantations. This bug bites the tea leaves, sucking up the tea juice.  The tea leaves that have been bitten produce oxidative reactions and give off honey-like aroma. Outwardly, the buds will turn white, so they are called "White Tip" Oolong Tea. Only tea leaves that have been "bitten" by the instects can be used to produce Oriental Beauty tea.


Large, unrolled leaves offer a full bodied infusion with a smooth finish.


This tea is an ideal candidate for multiple infusions and Gaiwan brewing.  



S•TEA•Ping Suggestions:

Use 1 tsp of tea leaves (2-3 grams) per 8 oz. of water, 180 - 190 F.  

steep for 3-5 minutes.  Try 3 minutes for the first steeping, increase times on subsequent steepings.


Oolong teas are traditionally prepared using a Gaiwan.  


White Tip Oolong

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