Explore the world of tea by tea type. Each box contains one type of tea (white, green, etc.)  from a variety of countries (Japan, India, Kenya, etc). An ideal way to explore types of tea in depth! 


An example of a box is green tea from Japan, China, Vietnam and Kenya. 


Each month's box contains 4 different teas, information on each of the teas, and passport stickers. The first box in the subscription will include a "Passport to Tea" to assist drinkers as they explore different teas and tea producing regions.   


Monthly shipping is included.

Explorer Subscription Box

PriceFrom $22.50
Price Options
Auto-renewal, shipping included, cancel anytime
$27.00monthly/ auto-renew
3 month commitment, shipping included, good deal
$25.50monthly/ 3 months
6 month commitment, shipping included, better deal!
$24.00monthly/ 6 months
9 month commitment, shipping included, best deal!
$22.50monthly/ 9 months
  • Loose Leaf teas are packaged by weight. Each package of tea in the subscription box contains between .35 to .56 oz (10-16 grams) of tea. Because leaf sizes vary, some packages may appear to be less  or more full as well as contain different weights or amounts. You may find that this also affects the number of cups you can make with each tea. 


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