Ti Kwan Yin is also known as Ti Guan Yin, Tieguanyin, or the Iron Goddess of Mercy.  


Traditional hand-rolled Oolong leaves. Produces a clear, bright gold, medium-bodied liquor. that is medium bodied with a floral aroma.The taste is floral and sweet with a smooth and balanced finish. 


This tea is an ideal candidate for multiple infusions and Gaiwan brewing.  



S•TEA•Ping Suggestions:

Use 1 tsp of tea leaves (2-3 grams) per 8 oz. of water, 180 - 190 F.  

steep for 3-5 minutes.  Try 3 minutes for the first steeping, increase times on subsequent steepings.


In China, Oolong teas are traditionally prepared using a Gaiwan.  


Ti Kwan Yin

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