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Harvest Moon Houjicha is named for Michigan's vast farming culture.

Houjicha is a Japanese green tea. Unlike other green tea's, it is roasted. This unique tea is made during the last few weeks of the tea harvest. As a tradition, the large pale green tea leaves (known as ‘Bancha’) are steamed, dried, and then roasted. It is the roasting process that makes Houjicha special. The tea leaves are roasted at high heat, during which they take on a brownish hue and become imbued with a rich savory fragrance. The high heat also serves to diminish the caffeine and tannin content of the leaves, making hojicha suitable for consumption in the evening and by those with a sensitive stomachs.

The infusion is reddish-brown in appearance and is less astringent due to losing catechins during the high-temperature roasting process. The aroma is nutty and the flavor slightly earthy, roasted, and nutty. 



S•TEA•Ping Suggestions:

Use 2 tsp of tea leaves (2-3 grams,) per 8 oz. water, 175-185 F. Steep for 3 minutes.


Houjicha can be cold brewed! Use the same tea to water ratios with cold water. Cover and refrigerate for 6-8 hours. Strain and enjoy!


About the Houjicha Latte..... You may have seen or hear about a Houjicha Latte. Most coffee house Houjicha Latte's are made using Houjicha powder. A tea powder similar to Matcha powder, but made from Houjicha tea leaves rather than Sencha tea. Using Houjicha powder will yeild a stronger tasting latte. If you wish to try to replicate the coffee house style drink at home with this tea, we suggest brewing the houjicha at least double (or triple) strength by using less water. Alternatively, you can also experiment with grinding your houjicha leaves into a powder.


Harvest Moon Houjicha

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  • Green tea leaves.

  • This tea contains caffeine.

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