Explore the world of tea through a curated sample box. Choose from one of our various themes.  Examples include - Michigan Flavors, Holiday Flavors, Ice tea favorites, etc. Available sample boxes are limited in quantities and change often. These sample boxes make great gifts for yourself or others!


Each box contains 4 different teas and information on each of the teas. 

The Black, Green, and Oolong sample boxes are comprised of in stock teas and will include pure as well as blended/flavored teas. 

Michigan Flavors: Green & White, Capital Cherry, Campfire, and Superior Blend.

Oolong - White Tip Oolong, Touch of Frost Oolong, Ti Kwan Yin, Apple Orchard.  

Green - Karigane, Lu An Gua Pian, Makiabari Estate Green, Sencha.



To encourage beginning tea drinkers, tea bags for the sampler box will be provided free of charge.  Please indicate during the ordering process if you need single use disposable tea bags.  


Please note that the sample boxes are not part of the subscription box series and do not include passports to tea.    


mycup Sample Boxes

  • Each package of tea in the sample box contains between .35 to .56 oz (10-16 grams) of tea. Because leaf sizes vary, some packages may appear to be less  or more full as well as contain different weights or amounts. You may find that this also affects the number of cups you can make with each tea.


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