Globe-trotter Sample Box

Globe-trotter Sample Box


Explore the world of tea by crafting your own journey. Curate a sample box by selecting teas to suit your personal tastes.  An ideal way to create your own experience!


Your personalized box contains 4 different teas of your choice, information on each of the teas, a "Passport to Tea," and passport stickers. 


To encourage new and bigining tea drinkers, tea bags for the sampler box will be provided free of charge.  Please indicate during the ordering process if you need single use disposable tea bags.  


Tea 1
Tea 2
Tea 3
Tea 4
Do you need disposable, single use tea bags?

    Loose Leaf teas are packaged by weight. Each package in the subscription box contains .40 ounces (11g) of tea. Because leaf sizes vary, some packages may appear to be less or more full than others. You may find that this also affects the number of cups you can make with each tea. 


    Orders are shipped in 5-7 days.



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