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Tea Brewing: My Daily Ritual

You may have heard me say, you don't need fancy equipment to brew tea.

Each and every morning when brewing a cup of Ypsi.Land.Tea, I reach for the same black mug, old infuser basket, and soy sauce dish. There's nothing special about this mug, except that it's just the right size - not to big, not to small. It's not part of a set, it's just a mug. My old infuser basket fits perfectly in it, with the rim of the basket sitting right inside the mug. And the soy sauce dish? It's a lid and an trivet! Not only does this little white dish sits nicely on top of the mug and infuser, holding the heat in while steeping, it also holds the infuser basket post brew. The routine is automatic. I hardly even have to think about it.

It's comforting and familiar, exactly what I'm looking for with that first cup.

Don't get me wrong, one of the things I love about tea brewing is all the accoutrements! Tea pots, gaiwans, gong fu tray's, matcha bowls, tea pets.... These items can certainly enhance the tea brewing experience and add to one's enjoyment of the process.

My second cup may incorporate a single-serve teapot, a gaiwan, or another infuser basket. Depending upon my mood, what tea I want to drink and if I have 5 minutes or 20.

This changes from day-to-day.

No matter what I brew, or how I brew it, it's always about what I need in the moment.

Happy STEAPing,



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