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 S•TEA•P is founded on the belief that each and every cup of tea is as unique as the individual who drinks it.

About: About the Company

Message from the owner


Thank you  for visiting my site and wanting to learn more about S•TEA•P. I started S•TEA•P to share my passion for tea with others. What I love about tea is that it transcends time. The tea we drink today is essentially the same product that people have been drinking for 100's of years. It's timeless.

I founded S•TEA•P on my belief that each cup of tea is as unique as the individual who drinks it.  Each cup of tea can be modified to individual tastes - made stronger or weaker, sweet or natural. Although there are industry standards for tea brewing and drinking, these are suggestions on achieving the optimal cup, and should be looked upon as a road map - a place to start rather than the destination. In reality, there is no wrong way to drink tea as long as you are drinking it how you like it.  

My hope is to make brewing and drinking loose leaf tea more approachable and less mysterious. I will do this through encouraging experimentation, providing education, and creating community.

Explore, Experience, Enjoy!

Samantha Musil

Founder & Owner of S•TEA•P

Commitment to Sustainability

S•TEA•P values continued sustainability.

We live into this value in our operating practices, tea selection, and packaging.

Our tea is packaged in the smallest possible packages in order to reduce waste.  Our stand up tea packages are made with superior quality recycled Japanese kraft paper. Our boxes are made from corrugated materials that are renewably sourced from SFI® Certified suppliers in North America.

You can help by recycling your corrugated packaging when you’re done with it!

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